Holophane Street Light Fixture "Port Huron" Teardrop Pole Lamp

Holophane Street Light Fixture

The total Height from top of finial to bottom of glass globe is about 45"
The rest of the measurements are in the picture diagram

The HolophaneTear Drop luminaires are styled to replicate the “tear drop” luminaires that lighted boulevards in the first half of this century.
 Designed for light control and ease of installation and maintenance,
 the Tear Drop Series has a precision optical system for true street lighting performance.
             Tool-less entry to the optical system makes lamp changes easy. A unique beveled latch insures the optical door is securely held even if the wing nut is not fully tightened.
            A unitized electrical module allows removal of the entire assembly by simply loosening two screws and rotating the module.
Installation is easily accomplished by first installing the light-weight mounting assembly and wiring into the terminal block. Then, the electrical housing and optical door can be hung on the hinge assembly quickly.

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